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Elkay delivers exceptional residential and commercial building products. They are committed to protecting the environment and the communities where we work and live. The Elkay Companies are headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, with manufacturing facilities located across the United States and internationally.

Superior strength and sizzling style – the difference is in the details. Elkay offers sustainable drinking solutions and water filtration as well as sinks and faucets. Get great-tasting filtered water and ingenuity for everyday life.

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Water Dispensers

Elkay offers the perfect water dispenser to meet your needs. These stylish units provide fresh, filtered water, and are designed for commercial and residential use.

For the office: Multiple dispensing options let you provide your staff with fresh water anytime. For the home: Compact units are perfect for the kitchen or a bar and entertainment area. For hospitality: High-quality, water dispensing units ideal for restaurants, bars and entertainment.


Elkay’s award-winning ezH2O water bottle filling station has changed the world of water delivery forever. This innovative, earth-friendly product instantly gains popularity for its ability to reduce plastic bottle waste headed for landfills.

At Elkay®, we want to help keep kids and drinking water safe. Our filtered ezH2O® bottle filling stations do that by meeting the lead reduction requirements for our NSF/ANSI 53 certification. So let’s put cleaner, healthier water within everyone’s reach.

We offer the perfect drinking solution for medical facilities, schools and universities, office buildings, airports, shopping malls, and other high-traffic locations, for both indoor and outdoor installations. We have a wide variety of drinking fountains, water coolers, bottle filling stations and chillers. Select from models that meet adult or child ADA standards, WaterSentry® Plus filter systems, or vandal-resistant models designed for tamper-resistance and high-traffic areas.

Crosstown Sink with Interchangeable Apron

Give your sink, and your kitchen, a whole new look and feel in minutes. Crosstown sinks featuring our exclusive Interchangeable Apron offer the stylish look of a farmhouse sink with the ability to change the color and material of the apron from day to night, or whenever the mood strikes you. Sink for Interchangeable Aprons and aprons are sold separately.

Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay sinks have a timeless appeal that has endured for decades. Choose an Elkay fireclay farmhouse apron front kitchen sink, a convenient prep sink or a bar sink. The attractive, smooth glaze is easy to clean. Beauty and durability come together in a scratch- and stain-resistant surface.

Circuit Chef Sink

Imagine a kitchen sink that acts as your sous chef. From prepping and cooking to serving and entertaining, and even clean up, Elkay’s Circuit Chef™ stainless steel sink infuses all of your kitchen tasks into one flawless system. This multiuse sink gives you flexibility to do it all at one convenient work zone.

Iconix Sink

An Elkay Lustertone Iconix stainless steel sink brings the winning combination of tight corners, our seamless Perfect Drain, and a scratch-resistant finish to your home. Lustertone Iconix delivers style for today, tomorrow and every day. With its clean, simple design, Iconix adds a modern touch to the kitchen. Its sophisticated shape maximizes bowl space and makes sink cleanup quick and easy.

Quartz Luxe Sinks

Get ready for a whole new experience in quartz sinks. Elkay® Quartz Luxe™ is exceptionally tough and silky smooth to the touch. Rich, bold colors like red, brown, black, gray, white and cream make a statement.

The difference is in the details! Quartz Luxe bar and kitchen sinks are constructed through a proprietary manufacturing process that combines natural quartz with high-performance, UV-stable acrylic resins. Organic fibers are molded into the sink for added impact resistance. For more support, patented fiberglass webbing is molded onto the bottom of the sink, reinforcing the work area.

Copper Sinks

Say yes to extraordinary design with an antique hammered copper sink from Elkay. Copper offers a distinctive finish that grows even more attractive as it ages. From traditional double bowls to free-flowing shapes that take their cues from nature, these sinks offer a warm look for added personality and style.

  • ANTIQUE HAMMERED COPPER: Hammered finish is handcrafted, making each sink unique and adding character to décor; attractive patina develops with time.
  • FARMHOUSE DESIGN: The sink material is extended to the front panel of the sink, adding a stylish design element to your kitchen.
  • QUIET: Sound-deadening pad(s) minimizes sound and vibration for a quieter time at the sink.

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