About Slant/Fin

Slant/Fin has been America’s best known manufacturer of baseboard heating equipment since 1949. The founder, Mel Dubin, was convinced there was a better way to manufacture fin-tube radiation and he was determined to find it. Mel’s story (and eventually our story) started in the back of a bakery in Coney Island, New York, with a focus on commercial grade elements. The original design was a locked, slanted fin – hence the name Slant/Fin. For more than half a century, heating contractors, engineers, and builders alike have depended on Slant/Fin for products of the highest quality. Today, they install heating equipment in millions of homes in the United States, Canada and around the world.


Featured Slant/Fin Products


It’s amazing how simple it is to transform the look of any room. And, best of all—anyone can do it! Slant/Fin takes the guesswork out of your baseboard makeover. Slant/Fin’s Revital/Line® pre-cut covers are designed to replace covers on baseboard up to 8.5”H x 3”D. Simply measure your current baseboard, choose your color, and you’re ready to begin. To install pop off the old, worn covers, and slip on (directly over the back panel) a perfectly sized set of sleek, modern units… quickly and easily! These covers provide better durability and up to 40% higher heat output than the leading replacement covers on the market.

Decorator Series

Decorator Series is Baseboard and Replacement covers designed not only to heat better, but to enhance any décor. Our architecturally decorative color choices are powder-coated to provide a baked enamel like finish, that provides resistance to abrasion, impact, corrosion and chipping. Slant/Fin Decorator Series is an affordable option to take decorating to new heights.

HD Series

The extraordinary strength in materials and construction of HD Series baseboard makes it ideal for installation in sites where rugged treatment is anticipated. HD Series is especially recommended for multi-family housing, schools and institutions. Its compact size and high output make it suitable for a wide range of new and retrofit applications. Strength and durability reduce maintenance and extend the life of the installation Extraordinary strength for a low cost.

Q3 Boiler

The Q3 boiler is a hot water boiler heating system which oil-fired cast iron boiler offers high-efficiency. Its cast-iron design is recognized by heating professionals everywhere as the longest lasting, most durable heat exchanger material. It’s an ideal choice for new construction.

Victory VSPH Boiler

For value and reliability, Victory VSPH is your smart choice in sealed combustion boilers. This direct-vented hot water boiler is ideal for homes, apartments, condos and any application where a chimney may not be practical or where an old chimney has deteriorated. Save construction costs and allow more living space with a power-vented Victory VSPH boiler. It provides everything you want in a sealed combustion boiler with electronically-controlled efficiency, comfort, and safety. Yet it is a reliable cast-iron boiler with a lifetime limited warranty.

The Kicker

When there’s not enough wall space to install baseboard radiation, install The Kicker by Slant/Fin. The compact Kicker provides the heat output of up to 12 feet of baseboard, depending on the model you choose. Sized to fit under cabinets or between wall studs, The Kicker is simple to install and easy to operate. Set it and forget it.

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