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Since 1917, when Arthur Sussman designed the world’s first electric steam iron for use in garment factories, our family-owned company has evolved, innovated, and grown into the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers in the world. Our products are in Naval ships, hospital operating rooms, luxury resorts, and the Kennedy Space Center—to name just a few widely diverse examples.

Compared to the large scale work we do, a steam shower in a private home might seem like small potatoes. But not to us. What mattered to Arthur Sussman still matters today: Being the best at what we do. The first time you step into a MrSteam steam shower (and every time after that) we think you’ll know just what we mean.

Our products are engineered and assembled in the United States, and our unyielding passion for quality allows us to offer the best warranty in the industry.

Mr Steam

Featured Mr. Steam Products


Infuse Your Life with Wellness

Your most primordial sense, smell, has the power to affect your mood almost instantly. Imagine your steam bath infused with delightful, invigorating, aromatic oils such as eucalyptus, lavender and mint—a different essence for every mood. Whatever your desired mood, the AromaSteam system is the most effortless and effective way to infuse our organic, healthful oils into your steam shower and your life.


Add a Little Color To Your Life

Light changes the way you see the world, literally and figuratively. Different colors influence your mood in different ways. Blue calms you. Red invigorates. Green promotes feelings of harmony. And violet… well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Our ChromaTherapy systems allow you transform the environment of your steam shower with a flood of pleasing light suited to your own moods and preferences. If you’re not convinced, give it a try—we think you’ll see the light.


Tune In and Drift Away

Where words fail, music speaks. How much do we really need to say about a system that allows you to listen to whatever your heart desires in the peaceful surrounds of your steam shower? Music, meditations, soothing sounds of nature—whatever pleases your ears and soothes your soul, will play through our high-quality, vapor-sealed sound system.

Towel Warmer: Metro Collection

A Balance of Minimalism and Contemporary

Inspired by contemporary design and made with heating wire to lighten the weight, the Metro Collection brings home refined lines to complement the most stylish sanctuaries. It’s a worthy match for your everyday routine—giving you a renewed sense of wellbeing everyday.

Towel Warmer – Broadway Collection

Set the Stage for Comfort

Inspired by the allure and glamour of the stage, the Broadway Collection offers traditional curved lines to increase the heated surface for your towel and robe. It’s a timeless design that is always on trend. Become the focal point in the warmth of the spotlight.

iDream: Steam Shower Package

Create Your Own All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat

Discover the unprecedented iDREAM Steam Shower Package. It’s everything you could imagine for a world-class steam shower experience in the comfort of your own home. Step into a world of soothing steam, mood-enhancing lighting, invigorating aromatics, and an aural soundscape of your choosing. The centerpiece is your iSteam3 touchscreen control.


Mount Almost Anywhere

We’re here to help you build a personal oasis. But you wanted that oasis to be wireless. So we engineered a steam shower control that gives you an unmatched experience along with the convenience of a remote control. With no wires and no hassle, you’re free to get lost in your steam shower retreat.

Linear Steamhead

Whisper Quiet. Sleek. Patented.

Mounts flush to the wall and creates a wide ribbon of smooth, silent steam that brings a new level of performance and aesthetic pleasure to your steam shower. Linear SteamHead is like an inverted waterfall, cascading gently upwards into your shower quietly and condensation-free.


Steam Right at Your Fingertips

SteamLinx brings the convenience of using your smart phone or mobile device to start your steam shower from anywhere within your home. Get off to a quick start with just a few taps. All the benefits with less effort. Compatible with all control units.

Wall-Mounted Folding Seat

Just Sit, Relax, and Focus On You

This beautiful folding teak wood seat is crafted and sealed specifically for comfort and use in steam showers. It folds down for use and up and out of the way when you don’t need it. The sleek hinges are available in several designer finishes.

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